Our Approach


Small businesses and entrepreneurs have their own style. Each conforms to its unique needs, and functions best when in alignment with others.  Freeform Finances works with small businesses so that they feel they have another niche member on their team... without a full time salary and extra desk.

Our Story


Meghan Armstrong, CPA has worked in small business as an owner, accountant and administrator for twenty years.  Being in the middle of executive decisions as well as "on the ground" has allowed her to understand the needs of both management and personnel.  This, combined with extensive financial experience, allows her to examine and analyze processes from both budgetary and practical standpoints.

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Meghan Armstrong, CPA


Mother. Gourmet cook. Beekeeper.

Next Steps...

Contact us so that we can explore if our services are a fit for your needs.  We'll specify what we can do and get you a quote that you can use to make your best decisions.